Meet Yoko

To see the sun set, hiding behind wispy clouds on your way home

can for a moment take your mind off  today’s worries;

To have a sip of the most relaxing tea, this could literally warm your weary soul.

Life can be complicated and tough but sometimes a simple thing can bring  so much joy…

at times it can even inspire and motivate.

3 thoughts on “Meet Yoko

  1. Beautiful dolls!!
    Hi there, I also collect kimmidolls keychain, bought mine from Doha, can I ask where did u buy from here in Abu Dhabi? Many thanks..

    1. Hello. From Centrepoint, in a corner near Babyshop section and Lifestyle. They got variety of Kimmidoll mechandise. Now is the right time to check cause it’s DSF and most probably they’re 50% off!

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