Round and round it goes.

You’ re stressed.

Work is rough, life is tough, and the heat doesn’t help. 

There are times in your subconscious you tell yourself , if you can… drop whatever you’re doing right now.

Take a walk.   Breathe.

You’ve left the office, gone down the elevator and out the doors. You’re walking through the parking lot, the sun beating down on you, burning and shining bright overhead. No one else is out, except the guards watching the lot; everyone is at work back in the building. You could’ve felt guilty about that but you didn’t. You’re fingers reach out and brush the smooth spiny leaves of the plants lining the parking lot in their cement plots.

You ponder on getting in your car and driving somewhere when you reach it but then you remember the fee you paid lasted the whole work day; plus you could use the exercise. So you walk, the guard nods to you as you pass him.

You’re in no rush. You’re enjoying the semi-fresh air and taking in the sight of the two buildings that are the same but different at the same time; faces and voices fade in and out.

You cross the bridge and from afar you see the old boats calmly parked in the canal down below.  It’s been there but today it’s like you’re in a trance appreciating the sight perhaps because you’ve been ignoring the beautiful scenery all along, spending so much time staring at a computer screen and office desk.

One thing’s for sure though, you’ve never been on that ferris wheel before.

The operator is just leaning on his control panel, looking bored out of his mind. You can see some of the carriages have people; mothers with their children, teenagers, young couples.   I am the minimum must be reached for the the ride to be started. You can’t remember the last time you rode a ferris wheel so you approach the operator and pay your fee. You’re carriage is clean, the only kind of blemish in the interior being the speckles of dirt on the white flooring.

The world is beautiful at the top. You’ve reached the same height of the surrounding buildings but seeing the world below you and people appearing as ants and trees as dots of varying green shades, it’s breathtaking.

The air is better up there, cleaner.

Then your stomach drops when you look down.  It will end soon though.

When it does you thank the operator who looks surprised and then smiles.

You walk away feeling refreshed. You continue down a path on the bridge, back to work.  Glad you chose a good day to take that spin.


A Small Space And Some Pretty Little Things

People who come to UAE for work would probably have shifted accommodation minimum 3 times depending on how long the contract is or in my case for an indefinite amount of time.

Those who are blessed with a good salary package also gets a good crib on top of that; some will have to allot part of their income to renting  a flat and most survive by sharing space (housemates/ roommates).

Being that I moved into a new space  recently,  it was in my mind to already plan the essentials. Calculating every move.  Which items I should take with me and which are the ones to go for storage.

It is a  3 x 3 meter room— what could fit in it?

These were my concerns:
Where my bed should be? Feng Shui much…. Do I need a bed?

Where to put my clothes in?  Do I need a closet?

Is there space for toiletries?

What about my shoes?

I started with a rug.  A smart purchase I believe because it was on sale, 50% off and on top of that it was the last piece- I asked the store manager to give me another 10%.

Then I found this charming and somewhat unusually fashioned sofa bed on Dubizzle for 300 Dirhams ($82).

This is when it dawned on me—i need pillows.  Lots of them.

It’s kind of like a therapy; seeing an empty space with infinite possibilities, no matter what the size and then turning that space into something that can become home.

It has been almost a week now.  I am adding little pieces every day.  Most are my old stuff; some gifted.

And if there’s one thing I really enjoyed, those are the  cheap buys from Daiso, Tchibo and Dragon Mart. I was on a mission and I can say I came out swinging.

Now I have to rest my soul as I begin to settle in because yeah my room has reached it’s limits.


Thinking Twice- On Eating/Blogging

IMG_8763“The struggle is real.”

I hear this line from the girls a lot.

Everyday I get an sms, asking…..

“What to eat?” or

“Where to eat?”

The truth is, I am in the same predicament.

Shall I cook?  Shall I order?

Zomato or Talabat?

Ok, too much thinking. I will just go out.

While driving – I’m contemplating.

Chinese or Indian?

And then when seated…. it’s a like a quiz.

“Chicken or beef Ma’am?”

“Spicy or mild spicy?”

“Cold or room temperature?”

It’s not that I am complaining.

Let me go to the food court instead.

“Here or to go Madam?”

And then comes that thought…

Are my struggles for real?

What about those who have eating disorder?

And the less fortunate?

Those who cannot afford to buy a decent meal.

Those whose land are all dried up.

Those who are at war.

Yes, deep down there is guilt.

But the fact remains I have to eat.

So to end this— let me just cook here at home

and then drink tea.

Hmmmnnn…..Black or green?


At the beginning of this writing I really thought I finally found an opening; a door.   A chance for me to share some of my food photos.   Maybe next time.  So indecisive.




Purse Lover


I do not enjoy spending it.

Does anyone really?

Sure luxury is a thing and people do it to make themselves feel good or on the other side of the spectrum, they do it so it will look like everything is good, but come on! All of us inwardly cringe when we take a look at the price of something we want that’s just a little too rich for our blood. And we buy it anyway. In my case, it needs to wait until the next pay day.

That said, let’s appreciate here the free stuff!

First of all we must agree that using something we got for free is not being cheap.

Let’s say for example you book a flight or a hotel and they give complementary stuff like travel kits or toiletries. You see that the quality and the design of the freebie is actually pretty good. Practically you use it, and most of the time people will ask you where you got it from.

In the case of my everyday purse, I reply-  it’s free from Etihad.  And they’d comment that it’s actually a pretty good purse, not that they think I am some sort of hoarder or moocher.

Really, just because an item was not bought from an upscale boutique it doesn’t mean it’s not good enough.

Just because it doesn’t have some brand name sewed on, it doesn’t mean that’s it’s not stylish.Louise And Rain Purse

It’s not being a cheapskate, just practical.

I can say I applaud companies who give out good freebies. They can have my business.

It’s good marketing. They treat their customers right by handing out “gifts” that are usable.  It’s like planting the seed of trust in that person’s mind, making them subconsciously think, “Hey, these guys were good to me the last time, why not go back?”

It’s smart and a win-win situation for everyone; especially for me!

Plus, it’s just plain nice.

UAE At 41

UAE was greeted with a doodle this morning…


as everyone celebrates the union’s 41st year









Chasing Sunset

DFC (Dubai Festival City), one of my favorite places here in the UAE.